Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs Dr. Tom Roselle, DC discusses high blood pressure-also known as hypertension, a “the silent killer” affecting 1 in 3 adult Americans, or roughly 67 million people, and discusses how to control high blood pressure without drugs. The information
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VAP Cholesterol Testing

VAP Cholesterol Testing Dr. Tom Roselle, DC discusses a cholesterol profile measurement by the vertical auto profile method, also known as the VAP cholesterol test, including how the VAP test works, how the VAP test measures a comprehensive lipoprotein cholesterol profile and how addi
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Chronic Pain Management (Dr. Scott Lamp, DC, CCSP)

Chronic Pain Management Dr. Stephanie Pina, ND and Dr. Scott Lamp, DC discuss chronic pain and chronic pain management including the physiological and psychological aspect of pain, misalignment of the body due to pain, pain treatment options, the results of untreated pain and how pain
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Reproductive Health & Fertility

Reproductive Health & Fertility Listen to Dr. Stephanie Pina, ND, LAc and Dr. Lorne Brown, B.SC, CA, DR. TCM, FABORM, CHT discuss reproductive health and fertility, including using traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to balance the body in order enhance reproductive succ
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Rethinking Heart Health

Rethinking Heart Health Listen to Dr. Tom Roselle, DC discuss heart health, including eight things you can do to restore heart health. The information provided on Dr. Tom Roselle Live! by Dr. Tom Roselle, DC, PAK, PAc, DCCN, DCBCN, interview guests, show co-hosts, or substitute hosts
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