Allergies & the Nervous System

Dear Dr. Tom Roselle,

While being tested for different allergies by Dr. Lamp, he discovered a few foods that I was allergic to but have never had a serious allergic reaction to. He told me that sometimes our brains associate bad memories with certain foods and can actually produced an allergic reaction the next time we eat that food. The foods that I came up allergic to happened to all be the ingredients to a meal that my mom had made the day of my best friend’s funeral. Dr. Lamp proceeded to put “colored glasses” on me and did the tests over again to sort of reset my brains reaction to that food. What is that technique called? Could you help further explain how the technique works? I am writing a research paper for a college psychology class and I would love to talk about how our bodies can actually react to certain foods and other stimuli with the association of bad memories, but I have no idea what the technique used on me is called. Thank you!


Dear Tara,

You are venturing into an area that is not one specific technique but a combination of therapeutic modes based on neurology and acupuncture that have profound effects on the nervous system. We become allergic for many different reasons but all of them stem from stresses and overloads due to injury, chemical imbalance, and emotional reactions.

The body is energetic. On a physical level we react to a predetermined program made from our DNA. That DNA can be manipulated by the environment our experiences and physical impact. Subsequently some of us get through with lumps and bumps and seem to survive. Others can a nick an succumb quickly. When I was in Chiropractic college I accidentally inoculated myself with a beta hemolytic streptococcus culture and became sick for days. The last thing I ate was an avocado…I loved avocados. After that I couldn’t get near one for over 12 years until I was desensitized.

So, what happens it that we energetically identify the problematic substance and while exposed to it reset the nervous system and acupuncture systems using differing wave lengths of light, sound and percussion. The bodies biological computer reboots so to speak and life is good again. In Chinese medicine each organ has a specific emotion, sound and color. Foods and other substance have a profound effect on these systems and when traumatized by any of the stressors above that organ, group of organs or systems become reactive and symptoms occur.

I probably have you very confused, but it really would take a day to begin the process of explanation because the process involves so many different systems.

Dr. Tom Roselle

Dr. Tom Roselle
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