Chronic Migraines

Dear Dr. Roselle, You spoke this morning on the radio about one of your first patients, a migraine sufferer, who was cured with a certain treatment. I have had chronic migraines for 20 years and no treatments (including alternative) have helped much. Could you tell me what treatment y
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Allergies & the Nervous System

Dear Dr. Tom Roselle, While being tested for different allergies by Dr. Lamp, he discovered a few foods that I was allergic to but have never had a serious allergic reaction to. He told me that sometimes our brains associate bad memories with certain foods and can actually produced an
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Lyme Disease

Dear Dr. Roselle, I’m 25 years old and have been very sick since an MRI I had done a few months ago. I am doing EDTA chelation with some success in removing the gadolinium from the MRI which sparked many of my symptoms, and some symptoms have been subsiding. However, my alternat
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Curious About Coffee?

Dear Dr. Tom Roselle, I listened to your show just now, 7/14, and stepped away for a second and came back and you were ending saying something about coffee & black tea; sounded as if you were saying they’re bad for you. The latest I heard was that 3-4 cups of coffee per day
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The Cowden Protocol?

“I believe I suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease. I am getting ready to start the Cowden Protocol for Lyme Disease because I have not been able to completely cure the symptoms. Would you tell me if you know of a doctor who is successful in treating lymes and have you heard of the C
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