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Curious About Coffee?

Dear Dr. Tom Roselle, I listened to your show just now, 7/14, and stepped away for a second and came back and you were ending saying something about coffee & black tea; sounded as if you were saying they’re bad for you. The latest I heard was that 3-4 cups of coffee per day
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Ageless Health 2013 – Take Charge (Video)

  Ageless Health 2013.  One Day Can Change Your Health & Life!  Take Charge Today! Are you ready to take control of your own health? Are you readty to create a greater wellness for you and the ones you love? Are you ready to take the one step that will help get you there? One
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Lyme Disease (Guest Dr. Scott Lamp)

  Dr. Tom Roselle and Dr. Scott Lamp discuss Lyme Disease, including symptoms, natural treatment(s), and overview the complications of this tick-borne infection and illness.
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