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The Cowden Protocol?

“I believe I suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease. I am getting ready to start the Cowden Protocol for Lyme Disease because I have not been able to completely cure the symptoms. Would you tell me if you know of a doctor who is successful in treating lymes and have you heard of the C
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Fine Aging Lines

  “I have fine aging lines developing on my forehead. Can you recommend a few natural alternatives to the traditional options (ie Botox, cosmetic surgery etc….)” Fine aging lines on the forehead or around the eyes show up at different stages of life depending on
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Barrett’s Disease (Barrett’s Esophagus)

  “First, thank you for your health ministry – I’ve been listening for about 20 years. My friend has Barret’s Disease and takes Prilosec and Prozac for I guess has been many years. I have suggested probiotics, but do you have a better solution?” Barr
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