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Low Energy Light Laser Therapy

Dr. Tom Roselle and Dr. Scott Lamp discuss cold laser application and therapy that is used to treat both acute and chronic pain; as well as help heal wounds and to care for many of types of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders including back pain caused by lower back strain, herniat
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Alkaline Acid Balance & Fall Allergies

Dr. Tom Roselle, DC and Sue Roselle MS, CNS broadcast live from their hometown of Jamestown, New York, where their journey in integrative health, wellness and natural care began. Topics discussed on the show are alkaline acid balance and Fall allergies.
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Radiation Exposure

Dr. Tom Roselle discusses radiation exposure and symptoms of radiation exposure which can include sickness such as nausea, weakness, hair loss, skin burns and premature aging and reduced organ function. Dr. Roselle also discusses the benefit of potassium iodine and other antioxidants
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