The Cowden Protocol?

“I believe I suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease. I am getting ready to start the Cowden Protocol for Lyme Disease because I have not been able to completely cure the symptoms. Would you tell me if you know of a doctor who is successful in treating lymes and have you heard of the Cowden Protocol? I heard part of your show concerning Lymes about a month ago which is where I learned about the spirochetes and began to put 2+2 together, realizing undiagnosed Lyme Disease is probably my trouble. I did have a tick bite and a bulls-eye about 14 years ago; was tested twice for Lyme Disease with negative results. I would appreciate your thoughts on the Cowden Protocol any help you may be able to suggest on how to treat this further.”

The Cowden Protocol is not unusual in the natural community. The herbal preparations that he uses from Peru are among many different remedies that can be effective. The biggest problem with Lyme Disease and its co-infections is the bio-film that the micro organisms form essentially protecting them from traditional antibiotic therapy.

Low Energy Light laser, which we have used for 15 years, will dramatically impact the Lyme Disease and co-infection of bio-film. Immune systems must be supported and over the long term long term remission is achievable in most cases.

Additionally, when a Lyme Disease patient is treated with the above therapies diet / nutritional, acupuncture and neurological manual therapies the effect is quicker and last longer.

However, in most all cases it is not short term process because of the ability of the spirochete to bury itself into the cell matrix.

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