What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (“AK”) is a holistic diagnostic tool that opens a window to have a dialogue with the patient’s body. In Applied Kinesiology, every muscle in the body is related to a specific organ, gland, acupuncture meridian and/or function in the body. Through accurately testing specific muscles, the doctor can locate structural, biochemical, emotional and electromagnetic imbalances in the body and identify the proper method of correction.

Health care professionals using Applied Kinesiology are trained to use the structure of the body through accurate muscle testing as well as gait and posture evaluation in harmony with standardized medical history and diagnosis to find the best course of treatment for the patient.

You will have the opportunity to master your understanding of the human body in a HOLISTIC sense. You will learn to use the tools that you have have been given in your professional education in new and more effective ways. You will learn this seemingly MAGIC method of diagnosis, and you will learn how to supply the correct treatments. Then you and your patients will observe the results right there before your eyes.

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