Why Body Detoxification is Essential for Vibrant Health

Growing older is unavoidable. It’s a reality that each and every one of us will one day have to face as part of the collective human condition. And yet, nobody can escape the aging process entirely. The good news is that we can avoid some of the worst effects by simply making the right lifestyle choices. Wherever you currently fall on the age spectrum, there are immense benefits to be had from properly maintaining your body. Even if you’re just now starting down the path to better health. Just like your car requires regular maintenance in the form of routine oil changes, new tires, fresh coolant, and a thorough washing and detailing…so is regular body detoxification a necessity for optimal health.

Why You Need to Detox Your Body

The human body is much like a car’s engine in that it tends to get “gunked up” from constant exposure to toxins. Cleaning chemicals, environmental pollution, pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods – all these and more place a constant burden on the body’s natural cleansing systems. While these systems are designed to capture and flush as many toxins out of the body as possible, they can (and do) become overwhelmed by the immense, constant toxic onslaught of our modern world. This is why supplemental body detoxification is so important. In order to jump start your body’s flushing capacity to ensure that any and all toxic stragglers are removed as quickly and thoroughly as possible, it’s absolutely vital that you follow certain protocols on a routine basis.

Detoxification as a Way of Life

Detoxification is about a whole lot more than just a superficial notion of feeling “clean” as part of some trendy dieting fad. It’s about protecting your body against the very real and damaging effects of toxic buildup. For instance, did you know that peer-reviewed science continues to show that harboring toxins inside your body can trigger a wide array of health conditions – including everything from chronic fatigue and muscle and joint pain to brain disease and cancer?

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Dr. Tom Roselle
Dr. Tom Roselle, DC, PAK, PAc, DCCN, DCBCN is an integrative health & wellness expert, author, talk show host, practicing health care professional, facility director, philanthropist and Chairman of the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He is well known for his mid-Atlantic health radio talk show, "Dr. Tom Roselle Live!," his acclaimed self-health book, "Ageless Health: Health Is A Do-It-To-Yourself Program" and his twice Emmy® award nominated television broadcast, "Ageless Health - The Special."