Anterior Growth Guided Appliance (Special Feature Topic with Dr. Michael Chung, DDS)

Listen to Dr. Tom Roselle, DC and Dr. Michael Chung, DDS discuss Anterior Growth Guided Appliance and growth guidance therapy.

Anterior Growth Guided Appliance and growth guidance therapy for adults involves gently and safely stimulating the lifelong remodeling potential within the jaws and face. By correctly applying growth appliance strategy, the results are profound, including creating room for crowded teeth; development of the face in a forward horizontal direction which improves the appearance of the cheekbones, eyes, nose and lower jawline. This opens the airway, potentially eliminating sleep breathing problems, and also greatly improves the stability of the upper cervical complex C-1 and C-2 which are vital to total spinal alignment. Learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation at

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