Intestinal Terrain (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

Listen to Dr. Stephanie Pina, ND, LAc as she interviews Eva El Khatib, a clinical nutritionist at the Roselle Center for Healing, on the microbiome of the body. The microbiome is the combination of trillions of bacteria, virus, fungi that are used to help maintain health and wellness. These microbes play an important role in nutrient metabolism and weight, immune health, moods and much more. Current research through the Human Microbiome Project is leading the way in determining how microbes can affect certain disease conditions and how we need a balance in order to function properly. The microbiome is more than just what is in your probiotic!

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This free health education lecture will be presented by  Dr. Stephanie Pina, ND, LAc and Eva El Khatib, Clinical Nutritionist.

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