The Dangers of Lectins

Listen to Dr. Tom Roselle, DC discuss lectins. Lectins are a type of protein found in the food we eat. In small amounts, they may provide several health benefits. However, larger amounts can reduce your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and reduce your body’s ability to utilize macromolecules. In short, lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins and they are a kind of protein that can bind to sugar.

Dr. Roselle also reviews the dangers of lectins on gut health. Humans are unable to digest lectins, so they travel through your gut unchanged. While small amounts, lectins play important roles in body processes, including immune function and cell growth, large amounts can damage the gut wall. This causes irritation that can result in symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. It can also prevent the gut from absorbing nutrients properly.

The highest concentrations of lectins are found in healthy foods like legumes, grains and nightshade vegetables.

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