Allergies [Guest: Dr. Stephanie Pina, ND, LAc]

Dr. Tom Roselle, DC and special guest Dr. Stephanie Pina, ND, LAc discuss allergies, allergy symptoms, and natural allergy relief including natural ways to ease congestion and natural anti-inflammatory remedies. The information provided on Dr. Tom Roselle Live! by Dr. Tom Roselle, DC,
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Spring Time Allergens

@rosellecare @drtomroselle @wmalnews #agelesshealth #allergies Dr. Tom Roselle and Dr. Matthew Adams discuss Springtime Allergens and natural and effective ways to treat your seasonal allergies.
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Allergies & the Nervous System

Dear Dr. Tom Roselle, While being tested for different allergies by Dr. Lamp, he discovered a few foods that I was allergic to but have never had a serious allergic reaction to. He told me that sometimes our brains associate bad memories with certain foods and can actually produced an
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  “I heard a brief bit of your show last Sunday morning on back pain and how caffeine affects it. I’m interested in more information on that topic.” There is a ton of data on he subject that would take me for ever to explain. However, simply coffee is inflammato
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