I receive care frequently. I have an unusual muscle disorder and my doctor works hard with me to find treatments to help alleviate the pain. What I really appreciate is the practice as a whole; they work together so they work nutrition, massage and acupuncture with chiropractic so they combine the best of things and if something doesn’t work they are willing to let go and move on the next thing They are wonderful. I’ve been seeing them for two years now. It’s a multidisciplinary approach. A team of professionals and they work well together. Generally, you find specialists outside not talking to each other, but these people really do work together. They refer you to other specialists within the practice and they actually pay attention. They make me feel better and the regular doctors don’t. They are also very patient about explaining what they are doing and why they are doing it. They also have free health care classes for people who come there on a routine basis because they want people to understand what they are doing.